UrielTones is a patented and completely non invasive sound frequency therapy that balances the autonomic nervous system, taking someone from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (healing/resting state) in just one sessions. Available both as a professional unit and as a home unit, UrielTones is having fantastic results on sleep, stress, nervous system conditions, pain and inflammation, mental clarity, low energy, ADHD children, and chronic illness. Our technology recalibrates the electromagnetic field of the body at a cellular level, restoring healthy resonant frequencies which have become distorted by EMFs --- cell transmissions, WiFi, GPS, etc. There are over 5000 studies on the health dangers of EMFS, and it is not a coincidence that in the last 25 years since the introduction of EMFs, a large number of health conditions --- auto immune, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and many more have skyrocketed. For instance, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are up over 8000 percent. All cell signaling in the body is done via electromagnetic impulses. When this is altered, the immune and nervous systems become compromised and illness ensues.

UrielTones is powerfully unique compared to anything in frequency medicine or sound or music therapy because it combines ancient tradition (human sound) with quantum physics. Because it is organic to us, human sound will be assimilated much deeper into the body than a digitally produced sound or frequency, and the human sound in UrielTones was modulated in a very proprietary and patented way to create an oscillating waveform that is very restorative for the brain (headphones) and body (pads). Quantum physics has proven that everything in the universe is frequency and waveforms.

Larry Doochin - CEO & Founder

My background is in sales and administration. I have some startup experience prior to this as a minority shareholder in a company completely unrelated to health.