PHRQL has been a software company that develops and sells an enterprise level electronic health record product targeted at organizations providing dietitian services. The company's mission has, from the beginning, been to improve access to preventive healthcare services for people managing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.. We initially targeted an underserved market of supermarket chains seeking to offer preventive healthcare services in the store to their consumers. Now our customers include: Hy-Vee, ShopRite, Publix, and Giant Eagle. These chains represent ~70% market share for supermarket-based nutrition services. This market is not growing as quickly as we want, so we have been looking for adjacent markets where our technology and experience offer a competitive advantage.

We have identified two main opportunities. The first is non-profit hospital systems who are providing community health services based on their Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process. We are now negotiating a contract with Trinity Health to provide our Connect & Coach software for this purpose. The second is to move up the value chain and start providing the reimbursable services in the community. This opportunity is large (we estimate $30B), and today largely unmet. Current service providers are small independent dietitian practices who lack the technology, experience, and business model to scale.

Paul Sandberg - CEO & Founder

Prior to PHRQL I was an operations executive for CEMEX, a fortune 500 cement company. With CEMEX I worked in 13 countries, lead a post merger integration team to improve operating efficiencies in Europe for a $5B acquisition, and managed operations for a $300M business unit based in Croatia. I resigned from CEMEX to complete an MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, where I became part of the PHRQL project team. Three of the team members formed a company after graduating, and I have been fully dedicated to PHRQL since that time.