Our business focuses on helping older adults remain happy, healthy, and independent. Our first product, Luna Lights, is an automated lighting system that utilizes cloud based data analytics to keep people safer at night. Luna Lights consists of an ultra-thin pressure sensor that detects when a user gets out of bed and immediately turns on small, wireless lights around the home. When the user returns to his or her bed, the sensor turns the lights off automatically. Additionally, a software component collects data regarding the frequency and duration that an adult is out of bed at night. Our system sends a text alert to a caregiver if an older adult is out of bed for an unreasonable amount of time. Luna Lights also simplifies the data collected to a central dashboard where caregivers can customize settings for each older adult and view trends in nighttime trips that may signal increases in fall risk or other diseases.

Donovan morrison - CEO & Founder

Donovan Morrison (CEO) is a recent graduate of Northwestern University, earning a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Psychology. Originally hailing from Minnesota, Donovan has always striven to improve the lives of others through both service and design. From working with several charitable organizations such as Cheerful Givers to assisting students as a private tutor, he is always attempting to make a positive impact on the community at large. While at Northwestern, he worked on several design projects including improving a play field at a local school, constructing a meal-time apparatus for a girl with arthrogryposis, outlining an app for the Northwestern service SafeRide, and creating a muscle stimulator for infants in Nigeria born with imperforate anus. Through innovation and social change, Donovan hopes to one day promote a more accessible environment for all people.