Janus Choice facilitates informed healthcare transitions between different care settings. We offer an interactive, mobile, and easy-to-use platform for matching patients with the best post-acute care providers. Janus Choice increases top-line revenue for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and increases integration of patients that require post-acute care.

The current discharge process has nurses offering patients stacks of brochures or printouts with contact information for post-acute care providers and then the patient’s families must visit, research, and decide on the next care settings on their own. For families, this is a highly stressful and broken process because hospitals do not give much guidance on how to choose post-acute care providers. Choosing the wrong provider can lead to a patient’s condition worsening and hospital re-admission.

Janus Choice offers the hospital and the patient an interactive search engine with a patentable algorithm for matching patient’s clinical, social, and financial needs with the services provided by post-acute care providers. Thus, patients realize the benefits of staying in the health system’s network because the post-acute care providers owned by the health system often have the highest quality of care. Janus Choice is the Match.com for patients and post-acute care providers.

Pilots at Cleveland Clinic and Presence Health showed that Janus Choice’s solution increases revenues by 30%, reduces costs of providing care by 15% and improves patient experience by 60%. ACO/IDN pilot gave a 100x ROI by increasing patient integration to 70%.

Darryl Palmer - CTO

Darryl Palmer, CTO and Co-Founder, has over 30 years of experience in developing software application starting with mobile apps, medical devices, home automation and ending as high as a space shuttle, artificial intelligence, machine learning and embedded devices for major manufacturers. Darryl developed NASA Space Act Award winning engine simulator while at NASA. For last few years, he has been working and developing AI and Machine Learning software for healthcare applications such as hospital processes and identification and treatment software for kids with autism.