Clear Health Analytics is a consumer-driven data analytics firm that uses the power of big data to offer actionable information to consumers about their health care costs. Our first product is an insurance decision support tool. For the first time, our patent-pending tool offers consumers an estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses based on a customized estimate of usage and cost. Consumers can also see if their preferred doctors are in-network and if their preferred medications are covered. We give consumers the information they need, they decide what matters most to them.

Jennifer Sclar - CEO & Founder

I am a lawyer by training. I spent over a decade working as a litigator. I started out a large corporate defense firm in NYC defending white collar criminal cases and trademark/IP cases. I moved to a large class action firm where I prosecuted consumer class action cases for many years, including a multi-district litigation against the five largest health insurers. The case involved out-of-network billing practices and down- coding. My experiences working on that case gave rise to my commitment to empowering health care consumers by giving them access to information.