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Prescription drug overdose will claim 30,000 lives in the US this year. State-run prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) have emerged as a powerful tool to fight prescription drug abuse, reduce doctor-shopping, and save lives. 17 states (and counting) now mandate that practitioners screen patients using the database before prescribing controlled substances. While effective, PDMPs create a significant administrative burden for providers, involving resource-intensive and time-consuming manual data entry. 

AffirmHealth resolves the provider challenge by automating the patient prescription drug monitoring screening process and delivering meaningful reporting to a single, easily accessible portal.

For providers, AffirmHealth:

  • Enhances patient care

  • Supports regulatory compliance

  • Keeps the practice operating efficiently

Mitch Evans - CEO & Founder

Mitch Evans spent his early years in Nashville attending Montgomery Bell Academy. After attaining a B.A. of Science, Business Economics, and International Business & Economics from Penn State, he joined Deloitte as a Business Analyst within their Strategy & Operations Division. After two years, he rose to the level of consulting within the same division and held that role for two additional years. He left Deloitte to pursue his MBA in Strategy, Operations & Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management. During this time, he joined Nashville’s local Healthcare resource hub, Jumpstart Foundry. He entered in the role of Operations Manager and after 14 months became the Managing Director. Almost three years later he joined NC2 media, a product development center for technology, where he added value for 13 months. At this point, Affirm Health was born which is where Mitch has dedicated himself for the last 18 months.